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English for Wind- and Offshore Industry

Inhalte zum Kurs: English for Wind- and Offshore Industry

  • Introducing my company
  • My job: responsibilities, duties and daily tasks
  • The workshop, my workstation
  • Directions, finding the way, showing guest around
  • Materials, tools, equipment, vehicles
  • Safety: PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), usage and audit
  • Maintenance and repair works
  • Accidents, Incidents, Reports
  • Reading and understanding technical drawings, plans, blueprints
  • Processes and workflows, describing actions
  • Product - parts and components of a wind turbine generator (WTG)
  • Giving technical support, troubleshooting
  • communication with customers, clients, business partners
  • Going on business trips, communication abroad
  • Giving presentations, updates, information
  • At a trade fair
  • Sustainable technology